FIFA 17 Cold Open Mod by Doctor

Young Team Players Advanced GP EVO Career Mode – Journey DB Converted and Modded

Download FIFA17 Cold Open Mod

– Start from lowest league and reach the top;
– Play and fight on the field, do turnover;
– Every match become very important;
– Grow your young players phenomena;
– Reach major victories and promotion.



The Swift team (Clapham FC) with Adidas Assets sponsor will be your career squad.
Then you will have to drive a youngsters team in the English League One or Two (as example).
The team is made up of all young football promises (exported from Journey – Exit Trial).
This mod type will include originals Swift team kits (Clapham FC Kids U11 badge)
Addon kits for SWIFT team availables (changed collar geometry, color number, regular, classic, training, etc.)
The team is made up of all best young football promises from Journey Team 1 and Team 2.
Swift team also include Danny Williams, finally together with Alex Hunter and G. Walker.
These three players are endowed with hidden talented traits, in addition to those you can see.
On addon players like Williams and Hunter have their own special cam during the match in missed goal, reaction, cele, etc.
On addon has been added in the roster a lot of youngs talented players from around the world.
All Swift team players have been manually-individually edited with very special traits addon.
Swift players ages range go between 17 and 20 years and many of these are promising players.
Almost 50% of players have their own miniface and commentary call name.
Include modded referee table and managers addon. In kick off mode Swift manager is Louis van Gaal.
Team 1 and Team 2 with specific original training match kit + alternate kit.
Fulton Kids team (Hackney Kings) with 5 amazing kids players (+6 generic pls).
+ 3 Kids players football promises Hunter, Walker and Gk Boy (with traits addon).
+ English legend Jim (James) Hunter (age at which he played).
You can also build your team by making transfers inside in/out.
So you enjoy these specials team IDs, related kit and ADIDAS/FUT Champion Assets.
This mod’s type will be available in two different versions: DEFAULT and SIMULATION.
Also available to download COMOD SIM with FUT Kits.

This roster database mod it’s completely based on the FIFA 17 Journey Story Mode.
Cold Open Street Stadium (with related awesome pro and issues).
Young players have been edited with a very special traits and skills addon.
Mental and Physical attributes have been globally edited to get the most beautiful gameplay experience.
For commons gp evo gameplay database tweaks and features please refer to related documentation.
Players will grow very quickly during the career and during growth will acquire special skills and traits.
The Journey db has been converted to roster db, so this mod is very special.
Playing the game with this mod will unlock and enable tweaked gameplay settings.
This because Journey teams/players IDs you’ll play are connected to the Journey gameplay attribdb.
On addon by using Journey players IDs will unlock hidden talents traits.
Team 1 and Swift team play at home in Cold Open Street Stadium.
Team 2 play in Training Centre Stad – North America Arena (swap Team 1 in the same league you play as Swift).
Try out the Cold Open Stadium in kick off mode, if you don’t like, change it at career start.
Cold Open Stadium include new cameras for NIS, replay, amazing new penalty kick and free kick cam.
Sometimes replay cam is blurred by vegetation.
For gp cam you can easy fix with my camera mod, just in case you need (to increase heigth).
You can play in career mode in every league you want, virtual pro, kick off mode.
You can see all included teams in Rest of World League.
Include Real Stadium Names by

If required you can adjust Swift team players stats from internal game edit player.
You can also adjust players kit number in career squad tab.
You will see properly players overall after Pre-Season Tournament in CM.
Click TEAMS tab to check out suggested game settings for full gameplay experience.
Other info and career start tips and video in Download tab.

I suggest you to play COMOD_001_A on both with the ADV. GP EVOLUTION ULTRA SIM V. 1.4.
The GP EVO AI ULTRA SIM 1.4 is included in FIFA 17 GPET 2.0 and you can enable/disable in one click.
This gameplay mod include a new realistic stamina drop down system,
so now you can’t sprint or press all over the pitch during the match,
you must use reserve players during the match especially in sec half time.
Anyway this tweak is also applyed to CPU/AI players so the match will be amazingly realistic.
COMOD don’t include latest official rosters update because is intented to play as Swift team in CM.
I remember again: COMOD is completely based on the Full Default Journey Story Mode Database.
In alternative kits version I’ve merged/used some FUT Database features.

​Cold Open Mod will be also available for FIFA 18.
The project is in continuous development.
The dream is to allow you to start the career from the kid’s league.