FIFA 2012 FHL-Scoreboard-Tool 3.0 by Bernd

The FHL-Scoreboard-Tool is for editing fifa scoreboards by easy.
Probably it is the tool with the most intuitive and user-friendly operability, which MyFHL-Editing ever released.
The tool includes many options, which effect you can see in a preview screen.
For the exact positioning of the scoreboard elements you can switch between the fifa screen and the tool. You do not need to restart fifa or a game, switching the screens will be enough.
The preview in the tool is not exactly the same view as in fifa, it is only for orientation and a better way to position elements.
The proportions of the scoreboard textures, textes and the preview screen correspond to the fifa view.
There are some checkboxes on the left side of the options for Hide/Show them to position the other elements much better.
The FHL-Scoreboard-Tool can only load compatible big-files. If you do not have a compatible file, just click on the button “New Big”. This big file you can edit and open again and again.
You can find an other option called “Add to all X-/Y-Values” in the tool, which allows you to move all elements at once (right, down: positiv value; left, up: negativ values).

Example of a procedure:
1. Click New-Big or Open-Big
2. Hide elements, which disturbes you
3. Change size of the text-elements
4. position elements and hide/show the others
5. hide all elements, which have the correct position to keep track of the previewscreen
6. modify colors of the text-elements
7. import/export other textures
8. save the big-file, maximize FIFA and take a look at the scoreboard
9. Repeat everything from step 2, if the scoreboard is not perfect
10. release your big-file (feel free to make mention of using the FHL-Scoreboard-Tool)

Summary of features:
– Creating of complete new scoreboards
– Positioning of all textures and text-elements (with mouse-moving or exact values)
– Selection of colors of the text-elements
– Selection of size of the text-elements
– Selection of size of the screen preview and the preview elements
– Automatic selection of the screen resolution of fifa (+ manual changing)
– Import of dds-files
– Export of dds-files
– Import of all png-filetypes with the correct size
– Export of the textures as png-files
– Moving the complete scoreboard with one click
– Hide/Show of single elements to keep track of the previewscreen
– elements, which positions were changed, will be in the forground automatically
– auto update function (the tool searchs for updates by itself and installs automatically new versions

To create a scoreboard of a special league for FIFA, you have just to rename the big-file.
Here you can find a list with the filenames:
Default: overlay_2002.big
France: overlay_3002.big
Germany: overlay_4002.big
Italy: overlay_5002.big
Spain: overlay_6002.big

At least you can see a screenshot of the FHL-Scoreboard-Tool and a presentation video, which is built like a tutorial:

mediafire download filefront download


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