FIFA 2012 Gameplay Evolution AI & DB V 2.0 by Doctor + Productions:

Some general info/improvements/news/details:
– GP EVO successful installation checking: you can see my HD ball in the Arena to make sure that GP EVO is correctly installed and working
– Complete EA Winter transfer update for all leagues/teams, accurate teams line up, custom formations, updated players (physical aspect and technical).
– Increased game realism/playing time (different speed, it depends on the active team mentality).
– New, Improved AI counter attack advanced system.
– New, Improved and realistic players collision.
– Realistic shoot power/ball control/ball touch.
– Increased AI fouls, cards and long shoots.
– Inproved and realistic goalkeepers.
– Increased players level of battle on field.
– New attack and defending style for team and players (big improvements both on attack and defence)
– New, visible and realistic pressing and aggression style.
– Increased players reactions on card or on collision.
– Realistic gameplay/passing speed (match become slow or fast depends on the situation during the game and teams in field).
– Best players with high skills/attributes are really visible.
– Realistic and improved skillmoves and special dribbling for best players.
– Fixed referees strictness on fouls and cards and new San Milano aspects.
– The most complete and accurate database + many many new stuff that you discover when play!

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  1. EASport Fifa12 original file not found
    Error accessing ‘.big’:
    you mus retrieve this missing file in order to run application!

    this message i’ve got when i tried to run i68Regenerator.. how can i run it without getting this error?

  2. As soon as the regenerator opens and before that error appears, right click on it and change where your fifa is installed (look for game folder with the middle option in the rightclick list)

  3. peRa you have problem because you have installed FIFA 11 on your pc! Uninstall 11 and then start Regenerator again!

    Make a backup of all interested game files and your current roster or career files on your Documents folder/FIFA12 profile folder.
    Delete manually your roster files in Documents folder/FIFA12, or delete roster file @ game start.

    Run automatic setup file (choose the preferred version during the installation process) and install on FIFA12 MAIN FOLDER (\EA Sports\FIFA 12 or \Origin Games\FIFA 12).
    At the end of the install process the Fifa12i68Regenerator will pop out, click Go (select take care of edited files stored in folders).
    (If the Fifa12i68Regenerator does not start automatically or give errors, close.
    Run manually Fifa12i68Regenerator with admin right – Windows7/Vista).

    Run setup, install on a favorite folder on desktop.
    Copy all files/folders (contained on GP_EVO_AI_DB folder) to your Game folder, regenerate game files with FIFA12i68Regenerator (take care…).
    For install my special database (with decresed attributes) install files contained on GP_EVO_AI_DB_V2 folder).

  5. yeah ive tred that a lot.. but not working tell me what is that message in the regenerator about that fifa12 NG….

  6. Hi i have installed the patch successively, now 1 question, what´s the difference between the 4 mods in the installation process?


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