FIFA 2012 The Selector 3.0 by Zlatan87

Hi Guys, now i’ll present my last tool, The Selector 3.0, included in my Superpatch 2.0
I want release it also for users that not use my Superpatch

This tool is very very useful i think!


– Revolutionary Match Automatic Selector: that allow you to choose League or Tournament with just one Keypress in menu before a match, after keypress tool will change automatically Popups, Scoreboards, staff members (photographers, cameramen, ballboys, steward) referees, musics, wipes, logos etc…

– Commentary & Speaker Sounder: after we choose a team and activate Sounder we can play most sounds with justa a Keypress, (for example the team anthem with “TAB” Key), we can play also speaker or commentary sounds for a specific player (with Numeric Keypad) and, finally, we can change chants for a specific match (for example. chants against inter, roma etc…)

– Selector of balls, pitches, adboards, logos and staff members!

– Selector of sounds of Intro, Goal Music and Full Time Music!

– Selector of Gameplays!

– TVPopups Changer included, that allow to you to change Scoreboards & Popups (also during a match) you can add also your customs Scoreboards and Popups.

– Finally allow to change wipes (intro and replay animations). You can choose wipes for Friendly and Specific Leagues! Game will load wipes depending a league you are playing!


– Install Exe file, install also Visual Basic Components and Net Framework 4!
– After install and first use of Selector Regen with Fifa 12 Regenerator.
– Enjoy!

NB: if you don’t see any changes ingame, try to exit and regen!

Download The Selector 3.0 by Zlatan87

Author Links:

Part 1: mediafire download
Part 2: mediafire download
Part 3: mediafire download
Part 4: mediafire download


  1. Hi!please tell me,i also need to download Superpatch 2.0 in order to install this patch,or is it included here.sorry for my bad english.thanks!

  2. Hello, i want to know if somebody have this problem too : when i want to download the new team ingame, the game crashes, so it’s impossible to play online :s

  3. Hi, I need your help, because I already install the patch and everything goes perfect, but when I want to use the selector, always appear a message that says that it can’t find the archive becausem, it can find the route.
    I hope you can help me and finally I want to know if I can introduce new boots to this patch, I mean after I had installed the patch, Can I introduce new boots?

  4. i can’t change boots with this patch.otherwise works great.but can’t change boots in game or with creation center.

  5. superpatch 2.0 is perfect…update 3 is also works well …but there is a problem in the boots…some boots r invisible like christiano ronaldo’s mercurial vapour…it is visible frm far away…but when the camera come near the player the boot is invisible…can any one help me out with dat problem?? thnx again.