FIFA 2013 RTWC 2014 Expansion Patch

The much awaited RTWC 2014 patch update is finally here! Check all the new features of this amazing expansion patch:


– All 204 national teams that took part in 2014 World Cup Qualifying and the next tournaments:
AFC/CONCACAF/OFC/CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying to Finals – AFC, OFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA Playoffs, CAF final 10 Playoffs, AFC 5th place Playoff and Intercontinental Playoffs and World Cup Finals.
UEFA/CAF World Cup Qualifying to Finals – CAF, UEFA, CONMEBOL, Final stage of AFC, UEFA and AFC playoff and Intercontinental Playoff and World Cup Finals.
2013 African Cup of Nations – Qualifying to Finals
2015 Asian Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2014 AFC Challenge Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2012 Arab Nations cup – Qualifying to Finals
2012 Caribbean Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2014 AFF Suzuki Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2013 EAFF East Asian Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2013 Gulf Cup of Nations
2012 Baltic cup
2013 Copa Centroamericana

Existing Tournaments From First Release:
UEFA Euro 2016
2013 Confederations Cup
2013 Gold Cup
2015 Copa America

– Improved database
– Fixed the 99 agression bug and the 5 skill stars bug
– Kit Updates for most of the teams with correct number fonts and positions
– 13/14 Kit Updates for some of the teams
– New Adboards for all tournaments
– New EURO 2016 Scoreboard & Popups
– Updated News Pics
– New logos
– New boots
– New CAF 2013 Official Match Ball
– Patch is now available in 7 different langauges: English, Spanish, Italian,French, Polish, German & Portuguese
– Update 1.1 and 1.2 is included in this expansion: List of Updates
Patch Notes (MUST READ)

You will need the first version of the patch in order to apply this expansion! If you don’t have the first version then please go and download it from here!

This is a TOURNAMENT Patch and career mode won’t be available to play with! All club leagues and teams have been removed!

This patch is basically a whole NEW GAME and that’s why you will need a duplicate FIFA 13 to install this patch in order to avoid problems with your main FIFA 13 game:
How to have multiple FIFA 13′s installed on the same HDD

You may experience a crash when selecting the 3rd kick taker on freekicks!

If you have the switcher already installed please go to …FIFA 13RTWC2014modes folder and delete the Tournaments folder! All the data is on one set of compdata tables and you NO LONGER need to switch!

If you have Origin you’ll need to make sure you have the new official update before installing the patch and always take Origin offline before paying!

Download Here


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