FM12 to FIFA12 Converter:

Developed by Mark Whitmore


This tool is dedicated to the many modders/editors of FIFA 12 who wish to add a new league or team to the game. It’s main aim is to mimic a player’s real-life stats as much as possible, and by taking the attributes out of a world-renowned, very accurate simulation like Football Manager and converting them to FIFA, it allows playing alongside your idols to seem as real as possible.

I’ve made this tool for free and will never charge for it. This is my gift to the FIFA community.


The first thing you need to do is download a program called “Open Office” as it’s a free alternative to Microsoft’s Excel program. Excel hasn’t been tested with this tool so it may not be supported.

Open Office can be downloaded from here:

OK, so you have Open Office installed? Good.

Now, double-click the file that was included in this zip package. It should be called “FM12toFIFA12.ods” which signifies it is an Open Office document.

You should now be presented with two “sheets”. The one called “Manual” is where you enter the FM stats and “Manual – FIFA 12” is where everything is converted.

As an example, the file will load Cristiano Ronaldo’s stats by default so take a short time and play around with his stats to get a better understanding of how everything works.

Next, you need to open up “Genie Scout” or Football Manager and enter the stats of the player you want to convert. I recommend using Genie because that program will contain hidden stats that FM doesn’t. NOTE: At this current moment in time there is only a manual option included. Further down the line I will develop an automatic version that is pretty self-explanatory.

Make sure you enter ALL stats. It’s easy to miss some stats like Height, Weight, Current & Potential ability.
Enter the preferred moves of the player as well, this is important.

Finally, click on the tab at the bottom “Manual-FIFA 12” and you will see the converted stats ready and waiting to be entered into Creation Master. Don’t forget about the traits as well.


This tool is still in BETA mode so problems will exist. Please email me at [email protected] or
post in my thread over at to alert me of any issues you have found.

Finally, I hope you enjoy using my tool.

Thanks and happy editing!

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