GamePad Fix for FIFA 12 Demo:

Author: Hrvoje

Have you ever wondered why EA Sports disabled most of GamePads to be used in FIFA 12 PC Demo? If so, you’re not the same. As the demo got released today, we’ve seen many unhappy user stating on forums that they can’t play FIFA 12 Demo because the game crashes/is not recognizing their GamePad!

So there you go. We have solution, and that is GamePad Fix for FIFA 12 PC Demo!

But before you get it, you should first install Visual Basic 6 runtime files which are required to run our software. Get VB 6 runtimes here:

GamePad Fix for FIFA 12 Demo


  1. I had try do that and keep with the same problem that others gamepad usb fixs tips and keep crash dump all the time that i run with the usb gamepad…
    some others sugestions?

  2. Hi Lashrom , after you copy the buttonData , u open a program , what is the program , I see that program is in german language. Have a importance to have that program ?????? I wait answ

  3. hi lashrom, i have follow ur instruction and i can run the fifa 12 using my gamepad, but new problem appeared..i cant use directional button when the game start..hv a solution?

  4. FIFA 12 PC, sucks, I tried everything and it doesn’t work, Crash Dumps, and controller issues, I hate EA now, i’d rather play PES. Wasted my money buying the game and a Logitec F510 controller. damn! Sad it had to end this way. Never Buy FIFA ever again.


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