FIFA 11 Liga BBVA Scoreboard by ANB_Seth :

As a quick disclaimer: For my scoreboards Im using the scoreboard from CJD17 as a base to mod from, so the credit for the big hex work go to him. Also a thank you to regularcat for his hint on where to start hexing.

– extract into (..FIFA 11\Game\data\ui\game\overlays\)
– run Fifa11i68Regenerator
– enjoy

fifa 11 Liga BBVA Scoreboard by ANB_Seth


  1. Why i can’t install i extraxt in to (..FIFA 11\Game\data\ui\game\overlays\) and i run Fifa11i68Regenerator and when te procces end e click exit and run fifa and i play a game with la liga teams and i doesn’t work it still the same scoreboards.
    Please help me or make a video and place it in to Youtube.Thanks.

  2. I didnt find (..FIFA 11\Game\data\ui\game\overlays\) ….
    I only find the forlder ‘artAssets’ in ‘FIFA 11\Game\data\ui\’ and I didnt find the folder ‘ game\overlays\’
    should i create the folder and then I download to it?
    and where’s Fifa11i68Regenerator .. I didnt see it 🙁


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