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Credits :

Apollox, ATSV, Daca82, DaKaTotal, Den1190, Dr. Wedersen, Eafh, FCP 1912, Fifa_freak, Junjoong, Leopar, Markus, Martin 94, Pumba, Regularcat, SGD-Fan, Stokstaartje95, TC, TeneCee, Wolverine, $ido

FIFA Next Generation Graphics Patch 2010 Features :

* new turf textures
* new 3D turf texture
* new turf structures
* new turf wearout
* new turf lightning
* new player lightning
* new cinematic lightning
* new player shadows
* new floodlight
* better rain
* new Mowing Pattern
* new crowds (different colors)
* correct display of the sky textures
* updated graphic parameters
* updated face- and kit sharpness
* new kit shadow
* 36 new generic adboards (sometimes league specific)
* 19 new generic goalkeeper kits (Adidas, Jako, Nike, Puma)
* 11 new referee kits (Adidas, Umbro)
* 2 new training kits
* 80 new HD boots
* 119 new balls (example: HD Jabulani in 3G)
* 22 new goal nets
* 626 new generic hair textures
* 181 new player faces
* new player tunnel
* new player tunnel lightning
* new linesman flag
* 5 new winter gloves
* new goalkeeper gloves
* 6 new armband tapes
* new captain tape
* new ESPN popup
* new ESPN scoreboard (Thx Cjd17 for Scoreboard Template)
* 6396 new minifaces
* 113 new trophys
* new team logos
* new league logos
* new menu backgrounds
* new loading backgrounds
* new loading bar
* new language selector flags
* new font for the menu
* more statistics ingame
* updated camera perspectives
* completely updated audio configuration
* chants have a higher chance of motivation for the team
* more and louder player and trainer calls
* better sound volume of the ambient noises like rain
* remove files which are dispensable in the zdatas
* new net physic (only in Standard Version)
* 4 updated stadiums (only in Standard Version)

Instructions Installation :

The FIFA 10 Next Generation Patch is one of the biggest patches which are available for FIFA 10. So the installation is very complex. Please follow these instructions for the installation:

* We recommend: Backup of FIFA 10:
Before you start the installation of the patch you shoup do a backup of FIFA 10. There are several possibilities:
o Use the FIFA 10 Backup Program by apollox to generate a backup.
o Do a manual backup of your FIFA 10 folder of the main installation path and of the FIFA 10 folder in your Own files folder.

* Installation of the patch:
o Download the patch and run the installer file. Now follow the instructions of the installer.
o In the installer you can choose between a Standard- and an Online-Version. If you want to install this patch and continue playing online please choose the Online Version. So the patch keeps online compatible. If you only want to play offline please choose the Standard Version. In the Online-Version the net physics and the improved stadiums will not be installed.
o During the installation a black console window openes at the end of the installation. Do not close this window! While you can see this window data is copied and imported in background. This process takes a lot of time (at least 10 minutes, on slower computers even longer – on old and slow computers the installation can take more than 1 hour because of the huge amoung of data.

* Notice:
o The patch needs about 1,3 GB of free space on the partition where FIFA is installed.
o During the installation there must be available about 3 GB free space on the partition where FIFA is installed.

* Deinstallation:
o The patch has an uninstaller which uninstalls the patch completely.
o If you want to deinstall the patch please run the uninstaller and follow the instructions.
o During the deinstallation there must be available about 800 MB free space on the partition where FIFA is installed.


  1. excellent patch, thank you very much, the total game looks different, i have no words to thank you enough, i have one small request if you have some more patches please send me the name of the sites, i want something more of the german football, the current germany jerseys and all, but whatever is there thanks again for that

  2. this is the best….great work..i love it
    just one thing- is it possible to treat minor injuries off pitch like in the real world and in pes,
    p.s. i love this patch

  3. hello bro !!
    i like your patch its great .
    but it’s be better if you upload it to mediafire . coz hotfile is very slow .
    thanks !! 🙂


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