Onsche's Advanced Gameplay NewGen Fifa10

Onsche’s Advanced Gameplay NewGen v2.0 is not just a development of v1.1, but a complete restructuring. It extends both good features from v1.1 but also brings significant changes. Hence the rise of a new version. The aim was both balanced and challenging game to establish the most, without being forced. … With this gameplay you will get a much different experience than just about anything old was banned from the EA gameplay, but read yourself …

Features v2.0 <-

* Better ball behavior (greatly expanded)
* Improved AI (Enhanced significant)
* New ball physics (greatly expanded)
* Better, individual moves (greatly expanded)
* Better goalkeeper behavior (greatly expanded)
* New ball game and feeling (greatly expanded)
* Improved shooting technique (greatly expanded)
* More Sprints
* AI makes effective game of the gate (greatly expanded)
* Better Combination game (Enhanced)
* High passes and flanks are effective and dangerous (even AI) (greatly expanded)
* trick more
* AI seeks degree (advanced)
* Better player control (greatly expanded)
* Better shooting system (greatly expanded)

Specific Changes for v2.0 <-

* Heavily modified game structure
* All-new gameplay
* Scripting reduced
* Much better feeling Simulations
* More Fouls
* More and better standard situations
* Better collision, physical scramble and Tackle
* More tactical options


  1. I installed that patch and File Master 10.3, but after importing “ai.ini” from the patch`s folder “Gameplay” and “ini.big” from FIFA 10\data\cmn with the File Master I can’t start the game, it crashed every time!
    What can I do to make the game running???


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