TexMod 0.9b [Must Have]

TexMod 0.9b

TexMod is an utility to find, save and modify textures in Direct3D 9 applications.
The tool is very important, if you want to install graphic patches, like nude patches or skin patches to your FIFA 11.

TexMod is a must have tool needed for future patches in FIFA 11.

FIFA 11 Pre Launch Trailer Featuring Rooney, Iniesta, Kaka and Others


Fifa 2011 Demo Expander v2.0 for 64 and 32 Bit

Fifa 2011 Demo Expander v2.0 for 64 and 32 Bit

Fifa 2011 Demo Expander v2.0 for 64 and 32 Bit

64 bit os problem was fixed

you can change demo’s half time and difficulty settings.

FIFA 11 Demo Stadium Changer by Hrvoje

FIFA 11 Demo Stadium Changer by Hrvoje

FIFA 11 Demo Stadium Changer by Hrvoje is the first mod using the new “Kit Server” method. You can practice at Bernabeu and you can play matches at EA Sports Arena.


Install this mod in your FIFA 11 DEMO main folder
Installer should automatically find FIFA 11 DEMO main folder

!!!!START FIFA 11 Demo Stadium Changer from Desktop Icon!!!

In case you have problems with the game after you install this mod check out that in GAME folder we have place 2 backups of files : data2.bh and data3.bh.Remove the ones installed and replace them by these backup files.

FIFA 11 PC Basic Tricks Tutorial


FIFA 11 Demo Extender + new difficulties

FIFA 11 Demo Extender + new difficulties:

Go to your intall directory \EA SPORTS\FIFA 11 Demo\Game

create a new text file and rename it from “New Text Document.txt” to “rna.ini”

If your windows explorer doesn’t show the .txt you can copy the file named “GL.ini” / “GL” and rename it to rna
copy and paste the code below exactly (leaving one line empty at the end)

You can also edit an existing RNA file if you have one:

[spoiler effect=”simple”]// Extra RNA settings..
//Skip intro movies 0 = off , 1 = on

//Old FIFA
// Amateur
// Semi-Pro
// Pro
// World-Class
// Uber

// 0 = AMATEUR
// 1 = SEMI-PRO
// 2 = PRO


//even number

// Rendering (Obviously this slows down everything
// ————————————————————
// remove the “//” to activate the options
//DISABLE_VSYNC=0 // speeds up the frame rate

//windowed = 0, fullscreen = 1

//1 = on, 0 = off. Extra speed boost

//DISABLE_NIS_PLAYBACK=1 // speed boost
//PRE_MATCH_ATMOSPHERE=0 // speed boost

//louder crowds



Close and save and have fun. Mod by avok23.

A good sample of rna.ini is this:

[spoiler effect=”simple”]SKIP_BOOTFLOW=1



* remember: without SKIP_BOOTFLOW=1 nothing will work.

FIFA 11 Demo PC

FIFA 11 Demo PC

FIFA 11 Demo PC allows gamers to play as Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayer Laverkusen and Olympique Lyonnais.

The FIFA 11 demo features an exhibition match with 3 minute halves in Real Madrid’s home stadium, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, and users will be able to upload created in-game videos to EA SPORTS Football World. Fans who go to Facebook to play EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars and complete achievements will receive exclusive access to Arsenal and Emirates Stadium to play in the FIFA 11 demo.

To download FIFA 11 Demo PC, click here:

FIFA 11 Demo Tonight !

FIFA 11 Demo Tonight ! The demo let’s you watch how pro passing is done and shows how heading and dribbling improves with personality of the player. It seems to me that tackling capability of the defender has also improved alot.

EA has also introduced 11 vs 11 online play for the very first time. The game company introduced new features like distant shooter, speed dribbler, one time passer, speedster and the playmaker.

The game is also likely to produce stunning skill moves by the cpu players with the improved artificial intelligence.
Strength and balance is also likely to play curtail role in the game. Most of all the video says that the FIFA 11 demo will be out by 16th of September.

Download Links for FIFA 11 demo Later Tonight here 🙂

PES 2011 demo ( <- download here) was already released. Try it now !

FIFA 10 Bundesliga 1980/81 Classic Patch

FIFA 10 Bundesliga 1980/81 Classic Patch FIFA 10 Bundesliga 1980/81 Classic Patch FIFA 10 Bundesliga 1980/81 Classic Patch

This Patch includes the full Bundesliga of the season 1980/81. Included are all necessary graphics, team- and player data, the Olympic Stadium Munich and the Bundesliga als new tournament.

FIFA 10 Bundesliga 1980/81 Classic Patch Features:

* the complete team- and player data
* Formations and Tactics
* Home, away and keeper kits
* the correct Mini Kits
* flags for all teams
*the Olympic Stadium Munich
*new balls
*new boots
* team logos
*the ARD Sportschau Popup

Impuls Arena [Augsburg, Germany] by Dr. Wedersen

HostaPic.net - Free Image Hosting

FIFA 10 Impuls Arena in Augsburg (Germany), the home stadium of FC Augsburg. Location: Augsburg, Germany.

Home team: FC Augsburg
Capacity: 33.660 visitors
Year of opening: 2009

You can import the stadium easily with the Creation Master 10.