FIFA 11 Onsche’s Full Turf Package

FIFA 11 Onsche’s Full Turf Package:

Author: Onsche

The patch includes the following for FIFA 11. A complete turf update with…
– New created texture (more details, higher resolution, smooth look in game view)
– New 3D grass (better noticeable and more realistic)
– Complete new colors (better look and more natural)
– Reworked all mowing pattern (better contrast, new structure and colors)
– Better lines on pitch (more sharpness, better white color, optimized for new turf)
It is with automatic installer, make a backup of “data3.big and” is recommendable.
Manuel import: Copy the folder “Game” in your FIFA 11 main directory and overwrite it. After them start the FIFA 11 Regenerator (in archiv) and regenerate.

FIFA 11 Onsche's Full Turf Package

FIFA 11 Official Winter Update Roster DB

FIFA 11 Official Winter Update Roster DB:

Author: KaiBaMx

EA Sports has released its official update of the rosters after the winter transfers. Unfortunately the released format (a SQUADS file) is not compatible with other editing tools. KaiBaMx has Export The Tables(The Official Updated Squads File From EA Servers) With Internal Master, after Import In The Original DataBase (Patch 1.01). It features :

– Updated Rosters
– Updated Kits Number
– Updated Formations
– Updated Skills
– Added New Players
Paste the Files In This Folder – “C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game\data\db”. If Not Exist You Can Create, And After Run FIFA 11 i68 Regenerator 1.5 With The Option “Take Care Of Edited Files Stored Directly In Folders” Click On “GO” Button And Wait The Process Finishing.

(*) Note: If You Have A Previous Edited DB Make A Backup
(*) Note 2: If You Have A Previous Edited DB Only Replace, Dont Needed Run Regenerator.
(*) After You Copy My DB Files, Remove SQUADS Files Localized In “My Documens > FIFA 11”.

FIFA 11 Official Winter Update Roster DB

FIFA 12 Demo

FIFA 12 demo, titled from FIFA Soccer 12 in North America is the nineteenth game in Electronic Arts’ FIFA series of association football video games. It is being developed by EA Canada, and will be published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports label. David Rutter, the line producer for FIFA 12, promised a “revolutionary year for FIFA … especially in the gameplay department”.

FIFA 12 demo release date is 21/7/11 according to some sources but is a bogus! Like FIFA 11, we are expecting the FIFA 12 Demo on 15th September 2011 to 15th October 2011 in the same period like release date PES 2012 demo.

The confirmed consoles for FIFA 12 demo are the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, Playstation Vita, PS Xperia Play, PlayStation Portable, PC, iPhone, iPad and Nintendo 3DS. The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 versions are the main targets for the game. This will be the first FIFA game to be released for the Nintendo 3DS, but it will not have an online mode.

FIFA 12 demo will be the first in the series to be released in Arabic, with Essam El Shawaly and Abdullah Mubarak Al-Harby providing the commentary. On 27 May 2011, EA Sports released the video of FIFA 12, demonstrating the new “Impact Engine”. This engine improves the collision variety, accuracy and momentum preservation.

Someone’s managed to video a nine minute gameplay video of FIFA 12 demo, the first video of its kind on this year’s iteration of the football series. Some screenshots of the game have also been released, showing Borussia Dortmund’s Mats Hummels gracing the cover of the latest in the series. Screenshots posted (via Videogames Zone) below depict Mats Hummels sitting in front of a screen showing him running on the field with the ball, and there’s also a couple in-games shots of him, and of course the new FIFA 2012 cover.

FIFA 12 demo

For the first time in the series, a special ultimate edition of the game will be released through Game and Gamestation stores. The ultimate edition includes monthly Ultimate Team gold packs, each containing 12 items, including players, contracts, stadiums, managers, staff, fitness, healing, footballs, kits and badges. Each pack contains one rare item, such as enhanced player attributes, longer contracts and the most coveted players. On 3 June, The first official look at gameplay was released but some accessories such as the ball and a few kits were unofficial and we are waiting news about release date FIFA 12 demo.

FIFA 11 vfb Stuttgart 11-12 Home Kit

FIFA 11 vfb Stuttgart 11-12 Home Kit:

vfb Stuttgart 11-12 Home Kit by Bajzik

FIFA 11 vfb Stuttgart 11-12 Home Kit FIFA 11 vfb Stuttgart 11-12 Home Kit

FIFA 11 FIFANetworkTR Boots Pack

FIFA 11 FIFANetworkTR Boots Pack:

Author: FiFaNetworkTR(Ozan)

Fifanetworktr crampon made by the new patch. This patch automatic installation Unpacked “FI.FANETWORKTR.COM crampons V1 PACKAGE” the contents of the folder named please send the game into the folder where you installed the game to the ground..”FIFANETWORKTR-OZAN-KRAMPONPAKETI” bat file to run the installation after installation is complete, please .. bat file will close automatically.

FIFA 11 FIFANetworkTR Boots Pack

FIFA 11 AS Roma Kits

FIFA 11 AS Roma Kits:

Author: Seo Sung-Uk of RFA

The patch includes the following kits for AS Roma : Home Kit, Away Kit, GK Kit, and Third Kit.

FIFA 11 EPL Patch

FIFA 11 EPL Patch:

Author: FIFA Mix

This patch modifies the EPL. The details are the following features.
– Updated 2010-2011 season kits & mini kits
– Updated Roster for all EPL teams
– New Referee kits
– New Logos and Official EPL Referees
– New Faces for 24 players in EPL
– Realistic Flags, Adboards
– The official EPL Balls

FIFA 11 EPL Patch

FIFA 11 Luis Fabiano Face

FIFA 11 Luis Fabiano Face:

Author: Starring of RFA

It includes the realistic face update for Luis Fabiano (Sao Paulo).

FIFA 11 Luis Fabiano Face

FIFA 11 New Grass Patch

FIFA 11 New Grass Patch

Author: victorelessar

This another great grass patch has been created to enhance the quality of the game. New lighting parameters edit the colour of the grass textures making it more realistic. The author embodies realistic grass textures. This version updates New grass HQ-subtextures and Edited moving pattern. If you want to feel some different feeling in the grass, download it now. Check out the screenshot, and download it now!

FIFA 11 New Grass Patch

FIFA 11 Brazil Home & Away Kits

FIFA 11 Brazil Home & Away Kits:

Author: Rekble of RFA

It contains the latest home & away kits for Brazil national team.

FIFA 11 Brazil Home & Away Kits