Creation Master 10 (Beta 3) by Rinaldo

This utility will allow you to modify any aspect of your FIFA 10 game.

* teams
* players
* stadiums
* tournaments
* generic face preview
* patch creator/loader
* and much more…


FIFA 10 review by Games TM Magazin [DE]

To See PES 2010 review visit PES Patch

FIFA 10 Directors Cut Trailer (HD)


FIFA 10 Grass Patch Update by MakerKZ


– 3D Patch makes the lawn and grass in the game more realistic.

Author: Rifat

– Viewed the set of real images to select the color of the lawn
– An accurate setting colors lawn
– Updated color lawns
– Updated 3D grass
– 3D short grass was
– Added HQ counting
– Fixed bug with repetitions
– Fixed error when installing
– Reduced the size of the installer

FIFA 10 Unlock Patch by MakerKZ

Installation: Automatic, put on a clean version of FIFA 10.

FIFA 10 Ticket Patch v1.0 by Yanush

1. Description:

This patch will give you more money for tickets in menager mode in Fifa 10.

Ticket Price: Low | Original price
Ticket Price: Medium | 50X more money from tickets per match
Ticket Price: High | 100X more money from tickets per match

!!! Remember, that you get money only when you play home matches ( because only then you get money from tickets in FIFA 10 game ) !!!

2. Instruction:

Put file “career.ini” into main folder with Fifa 10 game ( for example: D:/Games/Fifa 10 )

FIFA 10 Unlocker by apollox

With this Unlocker it is possible to unlock all items in the shop (without any changings in the database) – among other things the difficulty level Legends.

The good: All items which are not unlocked coast as much as before, and you can unlock them by buying them in the shop as soon as you have enough points.

The Unlocker includes two different versions: a classic normal version which is compatible with the online mode, and a version which adds the Mestella stadium in Valencia and the Bernabeau stadium in Madrid to FIFA – but adding the stadiums is not compatible to the online mode!

How to use this tool:
* Choose your FIFA 10 main directory for the installation
* When FIFA 10 is started, go to the fanshop
* Unlock everything that you want
* Close FIFA 10

FIFA 10 FAT Rebuilder

The most important tool for FIFA 10, if you want to import graphics and other stuff into your game.

The FIFA 10 FAT Rebuilder can regenerate the fifa.fat and the .bh files.

FIFA 10 Backup Tool by apollox

With this backup-program you can make a automatical backup of the importants files of FIFA 10.
And you can make a FIFA 10 restoration with the last created backup.

The restoration program works only, if you have make one backup with the backup program.

Choose your FIFA 10 main directory for the installation.