FIFA 11 Realistic Gameplay:

Author: Regularcat

Regularcat returned today with a big update to his gameplay! The new gameplay update contains lots and lots of new addons that will make your FIFA 11 gameplay more realistic than the last time! The gameplay update contains :

– EA’s Winter Squad Updates In The DB
– Realistic CPU Build Ups W/ Well Timed & Smarter Runs, Passes, Through Balls, Lobs & Dribbles
– Smarter CPU Shot Selection & More Shots From Distances Of Up To 35 To 40 Yards
– Accurate CPU Free Kicks From Distances Of Up To 35 To 40 Yards
– Realistic & Tighter CPU Marking, Attacking Players As They Get Possession Of The Ball
– CPU Calls For 2nd Man Pressure Effectively
– Effective CPU Offside Traps & Coverage
– Realistic CPU GKs, Smarter Off The Line, Better In One On One Situations & Break Up More Crosses
– Increased CPU Fouls Against Human Players, Leading To More Fouls & More Cards
– The Most Realistic Ball Physics Of Any Patch Available For FIFA 11.
– Physics Lead To More Bounces, Missed Traps & Realistic Deflections & Much Much More…

It’s very importat to read the READ ME file! Cheers and enjoy the best gameplay for FIFA 11!

Regularcat's FIFA 11 Realistic Gameplay



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