ShoreLoosers Gameplay Pro X series v1.0

This gameplay patch changed these settings in FIFA 09:
# Keeper React
( Keeper sees the ball later, but react more faster, which tends to astouning situations)
# Backspin X
( if you hit the ball the right way you get the right drive and punch to the ball)
# Spin X
( improved effect at inrist shots)
# Shot X
( Bal gets more drive during shootings and less shooting help]
# Gravit X
( ball is more heavy and is not floating through the air)
# Pass system X
( passes are faster and more direct)
# Game extension X
( players can be controlled more direct and show much more reactions)
( distress of the oponent has more effect on your crossings, passes and shots)
( collisions are more spectacular between ball and players, as well as between player and playerzw.)

IMPORTANT! This gameplay does not include any changes of the CPU AI, yet!
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