This gameplay patch changed these settings in FIFA 09:

Keeper React X2
( Keeper sees the ball later, but react more faster, which tends to astouning situations)
Backspin X2
( if you hit the ball the right way you get the right drive and punch to the ball)
Quickshot/Flexshot (known by Ronaldinho)
( Shorts out of the run without strike out )
Smooth Ball (known by FX V4)
( ball rolls steadly over the pitchs while passing )
Swing King
( the player completely strike out for the instep shots )
Ball Authentic
( improved ball physic: bouncing changed and great match experience by new bouncing reaction from the keeper and the goal )
Shot Impact X
( ball has more speed during the shot )
Gravit X2
( ball is more heavy and is not floating through the air)
Pass system X2
( passes are faster and more direct)
Off the Ball
( player controll more direct / reaction friendly )
Ingame X
( opponent affliction has more effect on crossings, passes, shots )
( collisions improved again -> more firm between ball and player as well as player and player )
Close Ball
( player holds the ball more near, so the control is more agile )
Fatal Sprint
( If you hold the ball use the analog stick to break through faster and better )
Advanced Tackle
( less support during tackling, reduces midfield fumble to make a better ball flow possible)
Spin X
( improved effect at inrist shots)
Shot X
( Bal gets more drive during shootings and less shooting help]
Game extension X
( players can be controlled more direct and show much more reactions)
( distress of the oponent has more effect on your crossings, passes and shots)
( collisions are more spectacular between ball and players, as well as between player and playerzw.)

IMPORTANT! This gameplay does not include any changes of the CPU AI, yet!

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  1. So after I uninstall this, the game won't start anymore. Kinda lame.

    The ball doesn't roll on pitch very realistically and it feels like it has no friction. Thus players can't control ball very well either on slow movement, because the ball keeps getting away. I know it's bad on default settings, but now it's even worse.

    I liked the fast flying shots and how the headers actually have power now. Improved passing speed was nice too.

    Improved player control was also well made and I loved how I was able to actually move before pass reaches me.

    Keep up the good work even tho Fifa 10 is enclosing for now, but Fifa 09 needs these tweaks badly and you've done pretty good job IMO.


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