Super FIFA 11 Summer Patch v1.1:

Author: arsenal07


1: Download from the link!
2: Install the patch in fifa 11-game-data folder! CLEAN FIFA!!
3: Run regenerator,and regenerate (take care….)
4: Enjoy,the patch!!

New faces:
-Andy Carroll
-Florent Malouda
-Diego Milito
-Romelu Lukaku
-Sergio Aguero
-Edinson Cavani
-Dani Alves
-Cristiano Ronaldo
-De Rossi
-David Luiy
-Edin Dzeko
-Manuel Neuer
-Nemanja Vidic
-Kevin Prince Boateng
-Fernando Torres
-Emanuel Adebayor
-Steven Gerrard
-Alexander Pato
-Ezequiel Lavezzi
-Reto Ziegler
-Aaron Lennon
-Wesley Sneijder
-Arjen Robben
-Gareth Bale
-Lionel Messi
-Luiz Gustavo
-Mario Gomez
-Samuel Eto’o

New kits:
-Arsenal 11-12 (Home-away)
-Chelsea 11-12 (Home-away-third)
-Juve 11-12 (Home-away)
-Ac Milan 11-12 (Home-away)
-Inter 11-12 (Home)
-Aston Villa 11-12 (Away)
-Liverpool 11-12 (Home-away-third)
-Manchester City 11-12 (Home-away)
-Real Madrid 11-12 (Home-away)
-Tottenham 11-12 (Home-away-third)
-Man Utd 11-12 (Home-away)
-Napoli 11-12 (Home)
-Marseille 11-12 (Home)
-Barcelona 11-12 (Home-away)

Promovated teams (Germany,Italy,France,England,Spain)

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 Super FIFA 11 Summer Patch v1.1


  1. I did all the steps installed in game/data clean fifa then regenerate but the game is the same.. i have win 7 64 bit if that mayb the problem

  2. no that not the prob, i have 64bit too and mine works fine, not sure what it could be. are you sure you installed a clean version of fifa, and update 1.01 patch?

  3. yes on a clean fifa with patch 1.01 ….i cant figure myself… one thing with other patches regenerator takes a bit of time to complete but in this patch when i run it …it regenerates very quickly

  4. Hello Azeez!

    I am arsenal07! I don’t know,what is your problem! If you,follow the stept,100% works! I also have win7 (I am the patch maker) and works! For getuptoo also works!! For very much peoples,who use my patch,works! Yes,I know it regenerate quickly!

  5. i already install it and works fine after install and patches regenerator works great but when i want to play, its say please insert cd.. i used original cd.. how can i play without cd?

  6. well i uninstalled it..defragmented my drive then did all the steps again but even then it didnt work for me so im pretty much clueless why it aint working =/ .. i guess im a chelsea fan thats y πŸ˜€

  7. hey azeez, im a chelsea fan too but its working πŸ™‚ just have a little bit problem when i want to play “Please insert original cd”.. when i put original cd, its run from it and i dunno how to play without cd.. πŸ™

  8. its work like a charm! thanks getuptoo! only my manager mode that i play before cant be run like before.. must create a new one.. sad πŸ™

  9. Mauflo:Instructions

    1: Download from the link!
    2: Install the patch in fifa 11-game-data folder! CLEAN FIFA!!
    3: Run regenerator,and regenerate (take care….)
    4: Enjoy,the patch!!


  10. do i have to download the official download the official patch before this one because i dont have the original version

  11. Please upload to mediafire or jumbofiles that is fast and has resume support. My Network is very slow and unstable. There is NO WAY on earth i can get this! Please listen to my plea!!!

  12. @moody: its ok if u dont have the original game.. download patch 1.01 from this site n then download the patch n follow the steps. hope it works for u

  13. Im sorry for talking bullshit back there. sincere sorry and honest apologies to this patch developer. your patch works like charm and forgive my ignorance. Just really follow those instruction real excitedly can bring mix emotion. i succeed after try couple of times and actually see the Super FIFA 11 Summer Patch v1.1 from

    Author: arsenal07

    Million thanks and apologies ya

  14. I have problems with patch too,but they are gone now πŸ™‚ First of all you need 1.01 patch,and if you have non-original game crack for 1.01 version,otherwise you won’t get any results.After installation i still have some issues,and i solved them by instaling patch in LOcal Disc C:/Program FIles/FIFA 11/Game.After that i started regenerator,and it was great πŸ™‚ Windows xp 32 bit is my system.Hope i helped u,and thank you Arsenal 07 you did great work πŸ™‚

  15. Hey awesome work mate.. Works like a charm.. Hey Arsenal07, can you please include all the transfers and yes, please correct the squad numbers also in the next patch.. Great work!!

  16. @ Debby: look this up in google “Fifa11 i68Regenerator 1.5”. Download this. After you copy the files to the game directory, run this application.

  17. @ Neon: Yea small mistakes are there.. But Arsenal 07 will release a new patch soon.. hopefully.. All these will be rectified then..

  18. Hi Debby, I think you can just run the patch installer and it’ll give you the option to repair/modify/uninstall. BTW, if some people are having trouble installing this patch, MAKE SURE you set your path to the data folder when you’re installing (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game\data). I’m in habit of clicking next without really carefully reading things so I thought mine didn’t work either. Hope this helps. Thanks arsenal07, you rock, man.

  19. Thanx alot! its been causing me some problems when playing online on gameranger! otherwise its an awesome patch if ur playing on ur pc offline or with friends =D! Thanx again!

  20. After i uninstaleld the patch, the game is no longer working x_x !! T_T ! Wdh =( …. i chose the remove option and suddenly the game does not work anymore, just goes to thee start up screen that has kaka with fifa 11 written next to him and just closes … plz help , i dunthave the instalation file x_x

  21. Guys I think I have the solution , when installing the patch , install it in the data folder from fifa game , data , not just game , and will work πŸ˜€

  22. 1: Download from the link!
    2: Install the patch in fifa 11-game-data folder! CLEAN FIFA!!
    3: Run regenerator,and regenerate (take care….)
    4: Enjoy,the patch!!


  23. Ahh.. Already tried this patch. Overall a good patch, BUT it sucks a lot it make me sad you REMOVED retired or watever the player current status is. No Edgar Davids, No Ronaldo(BRA). file erased! overall good player rating BUT; not for Fabregas. Fabregas 82? comeon. no Falcao, David Luiz faces. No small icon faces for all mentioned players. mini icon faces is the most important part arsenal07 and you miss it. Intead you only patch player in edited mode? oh my. god give me arsenal07 life i make fifa11 like HEAVEN

  24. As asked above, what do you mean

    ‘3: Run regenerator,and regenerate (take care….)’

    Never updated FIFA like this before so not sure what to do…

  25. 1) This patch makes me happy 2) Winter database TRF sucks because exclude EDGAR DAVIDS, RONALDO(BRA) 4) Real face in game not mini face 5) Crash occur so many unidentified player for summer database 6) No falcao David Luiz face. 7) Bootpack exclude Orange boot. 8) With Gygax, Cassano, Ernst, Seedorf, Edman, got cool boots!(Not Fair)! 9) Manager mode pretty much the same(Same emotionless robotic circling awkwardly celebration) 10) I really like PatoRobinho new face. 11)player rating quite good but not with Davids 12)I’ve spent the last 90 days of my live playing this Arsenal07 Patch and it better than FIFA11 original ass.

  26. please can you give me proper link for downloading this patch…..
    i am unable to download it form both the links that you have given…..
    i need it most buddy…..


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