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FIFA 13 Powerorange and Glider 2GK

Adidas Cafusa Confederations Cup 2013, Powerorange and Glider 2GK

by DaveTheKing

The layout of the balls is different, more realistic than previous version. Change was made to all versions. Added new version of Cafusa (Adidas Cafusa Glider). All 2GK.


1- copy the content of “data” to FIFA 13 game folder.
2- regenerate with Fifa13 i68Regenerator.
3- Open CM13 and go to the ball with the id xx (one of the FIFA’s generic ball) that should have the template of the Cafusa already and select “Visible in Game Menu”.
4- Select “Import Image” from the Preview and select the one in the .rar.
5- Change the name.
6- Save and exit.

Play and enjoy it.

Many thanks to:

Darxxx (for the great template)
Kurlboy (for the support)
The community (keep it up, FIFA is the best!)

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Adidas Cafusa Powerorange (Winter Version) made by DaveTheKing.