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FIFA 16 – FIFA Manager Final Deluxe Edition by chris2k13

FIFA Manager Mod Deluxe FIFA 16

Download FIFA 16 Patch Manager Deluxe


Compatible with most mods
No DB Changes
Uses ModdingWayInstaller
Start Career From New For Best Results
Rigorously Tested (Everday for months by lots of ppl)
The Best & Most Enchanced FIFA Career Mode Ever
Highly Reccomended with MW Latest Mod
New Totally Different Version (nothing like previous)
Complete Overhual With Huge Amount of Changes
ModdingWay Compatible
Vanilla Compatible

FIFA 16 Improved Transfer Mod 0.9 by chris2k13

FIFA 16 Improved Transfer Mod Update 0.9 by chris2k13

Current Version: 0.9
Now with ModdingWayInstaller
Mod State: Released & Improving
Save Game compatible with ongoing Careers

Download FIFA16 Improved Transfer Mod 0.9 by chris2k13

New changes in 9.0

Players that have be bought can only be bought again after 1 and 6 months (cpu) and 1 year (PLAYER)
Players grudge to team lowered
Teams will now renew 90% of all contracts at the end of the year (less free transfers for big names)
Teams will now extend player contracts with longer term
Club will now take 10% from player sales (for finicial strictness lenient now 90%)
Reduced Player Retirements