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FIFA 16 Creation Master 16 v.0 by Rinaldo

FIFA16 Creation Master 16 by Rinaldo

Download FIFA16 Creation Master 16

FIFA 16 Creation Master 16 [Beta 2] by Rinaldo

FIFA16 Creation Master 16 [Beta 2] by Rinaldo

Download FIFA 16 Creation Master 16 [Beta 2] by Rinaldo

Bugs fixed:

Crash while opening Premier League in tournament tab due to the money prize value.
Crash while importing hair textures.
Installation package modified in order to allow writing to the CM 16 installation folders.
The competition file subfolders (FIFA 16\dlc\…) are automatically created if they do not exist.
Settings fields “match_celebrationlevel” and “match_canusefancards”in the file settings.txt are now managed.
When you try to remove team, it appears a dialogue asking if you want to remove players, if you click cancel neither team nor the players are removed (in Beta 1 the team was removed anyway)
Updated the player Overall computation formula (according to fifaccittiu values)
Generic formations in CMP created with FIFA 15 are now converted into specific formation for a team. (FIFA 16 does not allow the usage of generic formations for a team)
Female hair model was not selected correctly when the player is loaded.
Cloned stadiums crashed in game. This was due to an error in the cloned glares files.
New Features:
BH Regeneration: Now the BH regeneration can be executed also when the database is not loaded. If you launch the regeneration before to load any database, CM asks you to specify the FIFA root folder. If you launch the regeneration after you had open a database and then closed it, CM will regenerate the latest folder.
This feature will allow to recover situations in which the BH files are corrupted.
Player Skills Randomization: physical skills (acceleration, sprint, stamina, strength) have been allowed to achieve higher values also for players with low technical skills. Potential depends more from the age and the current overall, if the player is young the difference between his overall and his potential can be higher.
Player Transfer\Loan: added a control for setting the transfer date to be used when a player is transferred or loaned. Added the buttons for Loaning a player, the loan end date is set by default one year after the transfer date but can be changed in the Player Page.
Player Heads: 3D models can now be imported from FIFA 15, both in Player Page and from CMP patch.