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FIFA 10 Unlock Patch by MakerKZ

Installation: Automatic, put on a clean version of FIFA 10.

FIFA 10 Unlocker by apollox

With this Unlocker it is possible to unlock all items in the shop (without any changings in the database) – among other things the difficulty level Legends.

The good: All items which are not unlocked coast as much as before, and you can unlock them by buying them in the shop as soon as you have enough points.

The Unlocker includes two different versions: a classic normal version which is compatible with the online mode, and a version which adds the Mestella stadium in Valencia and the Bernabeau stadium in Madrid to FIFA – but adding the stadiums is not compatible to the online mode!

How to use this tool:
* Choose your FIFA 10 main directory for the installation
* When FIFA 10 is started, go to the fanshop
* Unlock everything that you want
* Close FIFA 10

FIFA 10 FAT Rebuilder

The most important tool for FIFA 10, if you want to import graphics and other stuff into your game.

The FIFA 10 FAT Rebuilder can regenerate the fifa.fat and the .bh files.

FIFA 10 Backup Tool by apollox

With this backup-program you can make a automatical backup of the importants files of FIFA 10.
And you can make a FIFA 10 restoration with the last created backup.

The restoration program works only, if you have make one backup with the backup program.

Choose your FIFA 10 main directory for the installation.

FIFA 10 Demo Expander

This Demo Expander make it possible to change some settings of the FIFA 10 Demo:

– change the resolution
– change the difficulty
– change the details
– endless game on/off
– window mode on/off
– one on one on/off
– referee and linesmen visible / invisible
– Quickstart possibility
– anable substitutions
– kit selection (home/away)
– select the game speed (slower + normal)

Gamescom 2009 FIFA 10 Gameplay 60fps


FIFA 10 Gamescom Gameplay [gamersyde]


FIFA 10 vs PES 2010 Face Comparison Xavi

Open image in new tab to see the full size.
FIFA 10 looks like cartoon, PES looks a little close to reality. What do you think ?

FIFA 10 is planned to release on October 20. Blanco, Kljestan, Lampard named to cover.
PES 2010 is planned to release in 16 Oct 2009 UK / Continental Europe and 03 Nov 2009 in United States. Or November 6th, very close to last years release date of November 11th. Other sources say it will release on October 23rd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP and PC. Although some retailers have it listed as October 2nd, which would put it day and date with PES’ biggest rival, EA Sports FIFA 10. But FIFA delayed 3 weeks now. Not 2 but October 20 for FIFA. A Wii version for PES is also coming.

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FIFA 10 Gameplay video PS3 & Xbox 360