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FIFA 11 HYBRID+Matrix+LOD v2.0

FIFA 11 HYBRID+Matrix+LOD v2.0 by Erevos

HYBRID+Matrix+LOD v2.0

NEW Fixed database

The instructions are very simple:

– put the original (from patch v1.01) data7.big, data7.bh inside fifafs folder
– run data7.bat
– put data7.big, data7.bh, data0.big, data0.bh (i have them ready for you) inside EA\FIFA 11\Game
– put “db” folder inside EA\FIFA 11\Game\data
– put “NEW Fixed database!” 2 files inside EA\FIFA 11\Game\data\db
– in game go to FIFA 11 settings-EDIT-RESET ALL SQUADS (do the reset 3 times, its the only way for Matrix to be activated!!)

*do as many RESET ALL SQUADS are needed until stats are changed
*Check if “read only” option on dataX.big and bh is disabled
*i have created and tested on the new fifa 1.01 patch.
*data0.big has settings.lua

Thaks to:
fidel – for Hybrid Gameplay
Kenny – for Matrix
Promitheas – LOD
mogolos – fixed database!

by Erevos…

P.S. give some feedback guys if you want.