Tag: FIFA 12 Improved Graphics Vol.3

FIFA 12 Improved Graphics Vol.3

FIFA 12 Improved Graphics Vol.3:


This is another graphical enhancement update for FIFA 12. This update patch is special addon for FIFA 12 gamers who want to look a little better than usual. Also ENB Series use installer 64/32 bit OS. It features :
– New Face Texture
– Sweat Effect latest models
– New FIFA 12 color
– New Grass model
– You will see the actual figure of the players who featured in the game FIFA 12.
– Import the image of the screenshot will appear more clearly as is usually made for the game Wallpapers. Use a good tool for that.
– Grass, Kit & other model in FIFA 12 more bright and comfortable in a vision
– Another effect is the muscles around the neck and hand the player’s more visible when the game is being emotional.

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