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ENB Fifa 12 for Fifa 14 (no Fps Drop)

ENB Fifa 12 for Fifa 14 (no Fps Drop)

ENB Series use installer 64/32 bit OS

– New Face Texture
– Sweat Effect latest models
– LOD Config
– New FIFA 12 color
– New Grass model
– You will see the actual figure of the players who featured in the game FIFA 14.
– Import the image of the screenshot will appear more clearly as is usually made ??for the game Wallpapers. Use a good tool for that.
– Grass, Kit & other model in FIFA 14 more bright and comfortable in a vision
– Another effect is the muscles around the neck and hand the player’s more visible when the game is being emotional.

ENB Fifa 12 for Fifa 14 (no Fps Drop)

Special Credits For Face editor, We apreciated The FIFA 12 Community work.

Fifa 12 Tunisian Tango Patch

Fifa 12 Tunisian Tango Patch

mediafire download mediafire download mediafire download mediafire download

This Patch Created By

Carthage Eagles Patchers

Shared By KàLài

FIFA 12 Tweaker 2.0 by FIFA-Muntenia

* FIFA11 vs FIFA 12 Demo problem fix
* GAMEPAD Problem fix dll’s.
* LAG-eraser(performance optimizer 12 v1)
* Enables auto-saving
* New Transfers Updates (Nasri->City; Cesc->Barca)
* UNLOCKS NEw Game Modes presentation
* Unlocks Database and language
* UNLOCKS LOD Settings
* NEW BALL: Nike Seitiro
* Unlocks Difficulty Change In-game
* Unlocks Penalty and Extra Time
* New rendering settings
* Professional difficulty
* 6 or 10 minutes half lenght

Download FIFA 12 Tweaker 2.0 by FIFA-Muntenia :

HUD Fix for TWEAKER 2.0
For the ones that have the problem with the HUD or the PLAYER HEAVYness. Here is the FIX!

FIFA 12 Scoreboards Pack v1.0 by FIFA-Muntenia

FIFA 12 Scoreboards Pack

The mod content is:

* Uefa Champions League Scoreboard(TVR HD)
* Uefa Champions League Scoreboard(DolceSport)
* Timisoreana Romanian Cup Scoreboard(Sport.ro)
* Romanian Liga 2 Scoreboard (DolceSport)
* International Scoreboard(Sport.Ro)
* Barclays Premier League Scoreboard(DigiSport)
* Fantasy Scoreboard (Sport.ro HD)


[1]. Unrar the archieve.
[2]. Choose the version of the settings you want to use
( All-in-one or Separately method)
[3]. Copy the All-In-One content into the “FIFA 12 Demo”
main root.(“C:\Program Files\Ea Sports\EA Sports FIFA 12 demo”)

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (C) FIFA-Muntenia.blogspot.com

FIFA 12 Demo Release 13 September 2011

FIFA 12 Demo Release 13 September 2011:

Just revealed, we have the demo date for one of the greatest games, FIFA 12!

EA Sports about FIFA 12: “Revolutionary gameplay innovations inspired by the real-world game make FIFA Soccer 12 deeper and more engaging.”

FIFA 12 Demo will be released on 13 September 2011!

FIFA 12 Demo Teams:


AC Milan





FIFA 12 Demo Stadia:

Eithad Stadium – Man City (Day and Dry weather options)

FIFA 12 Demo Match Time:

3 Minute Halves

FIFA 12 Demo Tutorials:

Standing Tackle

Sliding Tackle


Running Jockey


Team mate Contain

Push Pull

FIFA 12 Demo Release 13 September 2011

FIFA 12 Player Impact Engine Video

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that EA SPORTS™ has developed the Player Impact Engine, a new physics engine that will deliver revolutionary changes to the best^ sports videogame on the planet. Two years in development, the new Player Impact Engine inside FIFA 12 delivers real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. It is one of several major innovations for FIFA 12 that have been inspired by real-world football and created by the FIFA development team at EA Canada.

FIFA 12 First Video Leak!

FIFA 12 First Video Leak!: The video details the new Impact engine, precission dribbling, tactical defending and more. You can watch it below. Bar the 3DS version, EA’s still to formally announce FIFA 12 for any other platforms, but expect it to launch in its traditional autumn release window for the usual suspects.