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FIFA 14 Patch v7.0 by PESCups.ru Final v2 + Ultra 4.0 + Squads 27 July

FIFA 14 Patch v7.0 by PESCups.ru Final v2 + Ultra 4.0 + Squads 27 July

Dowload FIFA 14 Patch v7.0 by PESCups.ru Final v2 + Ultra 4.0 + Squads 27 July

FIFA 14 Patch v7.0 by PesCups.Ru Final v2 is a new version that contains many new things, AIO, it includes exclusive modes on ultra graphics, a huge number of new forms, including forms new season, boots, balls, boards, those mini people hairstyles, banners, scarves and so on, was officially added to July 27 from EA Sports, this mod does not cause any departures, you can continue any career, playing in all online modes and it is compatible with any other patches

Full description FIFA 14 Patch v7.0 Final v2:
– Insert Revolution mod v1.4
– Added graphics modes ultra v4.0
– Squads of July 27
– the 5-minute Quick installation of the patch
– Patch works in all online modes
– The patch works in the career and career for the player, so you can continue the work already begun career
– Updated forms of all teams in the game, including the form of the new season
– Barcelona
– Real Madrid
– Chelsea
– Arsenal
– Liverpool
– Manchester City
– Manchester United
– Tottenham
– Bayern Munich
– Borussia Dortmund
– Monaco
– Milan
– Inter
– Roma
– CSKA Moscow
– Spartak
– Zenit
– Rubin
– and other
– Updated all forms of the game teams, including form teams participating in the World Cup
– Added a lot of alternative forms of many teams
– All forms have these patches and badges
– All forms have these fonts and original rooms
– Integrated modes of real forms, short with improved textures collapse
– updated and added a huge number of people
– Added and updated a huge amount of hairstyles
– Added many new boots, including the latest
– Updated logos teams replaced the fake example Serie B
– Updated icons leagues, such as the new season RPL
– Added many new TV popas New RPL , Serie A HD, submarines HD, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga, etc.
– Added and updated a huge number of small entities
– Pictures and news RPL career
– These sponsors, newspapers
– real trophies in the game
– Fully updated design of the menu in the game, starting from the first screen
– Added actual shields the stadiums for all teams, leagues and cups
– Added many new goals, including Brazuka Sogas for RPL
– Balboa These stadiums
– Actual banners for all teams and national teams
– This form is for replacement players and kneads
– Added a huge number of tattoos to players
– These flags for all teams and national teams
– New texture gate
– Improved lighting and glare
– Replaced all new goalkeeping gloves
– Added club netting for most leagues including RPL
– Real person on the edge coaches
– Superior rain
– ultra modern integrated HD 3D lawn with real grass and patterns
– Original design stadiums for the tournament
– real trophies during the celebration
– Added beautiful screensavers before matches
– Added beautiful artwork repeats
– Still very much more
Installing the patch automatically:
– Install on clean FIFA 14
– Run the installer and install FIFA14Patch7.0 in folder “FIFA 14/Game”
– all an enjoyable game
Installing Ultra graphics:
– Run the installer and install FIFA14Ultra4.0 a folder «FIFA 14/Game»
Installing the actual squads:
– Copy Squads 20140727214748 # Squads1 and paste in the “My Documents / FIFA 14”
– Then in the game, go to the profile settings, and then there download squads
Automatic removal of the patch:
– Run the uninstaller UninstallPatch7.0 folder with the game
– all your game now as it was before the patch
Removing ultra graphics:
– Run the uninstaller UninstallUltra4.0 of the game folder
– All you now have the default ‘schedule

Author: PesCups.Ru