Tag: FIFA 14 Ultra Graphics v1.5 by dhonchik

FIFA 14 Ultra Graphics v1.5 by dhonchik

This mod will make very beautiful graphics in FIFA 14, more than that it built a lot of different variations of graphic styles, for powerful and weak computers. All will be satisfied, the basis taken SweetFX v1.5.1 fashion tailored specifically for FIFA 14.

Description of FIFA 14 Ultra Graphics version 1.5:

– Added two brand new graphic style
– Make a style for slower computers
– Make a Style for mid-range computers
– Replaced two previous style
– Optimized code for all styles
– Added annotations to styles
– Minor amendments

Download FIFA 14 Ultra Graphics v1.5 by dhonchik FIFA 14 Ultra Graphics v1.5 by dhonchik imagebam.com imagebam.com
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

How to use the choice of graphics:

1 – Set yourself modes , go to the folder with the game
2 – Find the folder that appears Sweetfx and go to it
3 – Find the folder where Presenti go into it, you will see a folder with variations 7 graphics (Ultrafifa1, Ultrafifa2 etc.)
4 – Go anywhere , see screenshots, and choose the one that will appeal to
5 – Copy the configuration file liked SweetFX_settings variations in Game folder with replacement

P.S. After installing the mod automatically put Ultrafifa1

How to change the style of the game:

– Close the game, put the style you want to try, as in instructions above
– Expand the game back and pinch button PAUSE, after a few seconds a new style will apply


– Installation of automatic , easy to install in the folder Game
– Before installation, remove the previous version of the mod 1.3
– Removal of automatic , run the uninstaller from the fashion game folder