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FIFA 15 Creation Master 15 Final Version by Rinaldo

FIFA 15 Creation Master 15 Final Version by Rinaldo

Download FIFA 15 Creation Master 15 Final Version by Rinaldo

Dear friends, at last CM 15 official release is available in the download section. I think this version is stable enough to be used also by a not expert editor. Anyway be aware that editing FIFA may corrupt your game, therefore I always recommend to backup your FIFA directory before to start editing.

Another important recommendation is to follow the technique of “small steps”. Do some editing, save it and try it. If it doesn’t work you always have the possibility to restore the previous files that CM 15 automatically saves with a .bak extension (for example fifa_ng_db.db.bak). Doing a lot of editing in one session may cause a crash and you don’t really know why.

In addition you must be aware that, even if the modding is correct, the game could crash because of some limitations embedded in the game itself. For example the file compobj.txt used for describing the tournament in career has a limited size (about 1770 lines) and if you go over FIFA will crash. To my knowledge nobody has foung yet the a workaround for this limitation.

Nevertheless there are lots of modding to FIFA 15 that you can do and works fine. For example I have created all the leagues of South america, including Copa Libertadores and Copa Nissan

I hopu you will enjoy CM 15.