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Submit Patch on FIFA – Open For All Patch Makers !

Hi. We added SUBMIT PATCH for all patchmakers that want to add their patches here.

You just need an account and wait for your post to be online. Check this page for more :

submit file to fifa patch

FIFA 16 Demo Gameplay Revolution Patch 16

FIFA 16 Demo Gameplay Revolution Patch 16


Made by beta990
Credits EA, jenkey1002, malloc84, FIFA-Infinity, fifaCCitiu.com & Damien

Gameplay Revolution Patch 16 v1.0 Beta 1 is now available for download! This patch tries to improve several gameplay aspects: goalkeepers, defenders, attackers.. all should choose better positioning and should use more (of their) attributes & skill-set. It also increases CPU/AI difficulty, let’s see you’re skills are still good enough!

FIFA 16 Gameplay Innovations: Attack, Defense, Midfield

FIFA 16 Gameplay Innovations: Defense, Midfield, Attack

Check this new video to see how FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch in gameplay, delivering a balanced experience through attack, midfield and defense: