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FIFA 12 Tweaker 2.0 by FIFA-Muntenia

* FIFA11 vs FIFA 12 Demo problem fix
* GAMEPAD Problem fix dll’s.
* LAG-eraser(performance optimizer 12 v1)
* Enables auto-saving
* New Transfers Updates (Nasri->City; Cesc->Barca)
* UNLOCKS NEw Game Modes presentation
* Unlocks Database and language
* UNLOCKS LOD Settings
* NEW BALL: Nike Seitiro
* Unlocks Difficulty Change In-game
* Unlocks Penalty and Extra Time
* New rendering settings
* Professional difficulty
* 6 or 10 minutes half lenght

Download FIFA 12 Tweaker 2.0 by FIFA-Muntenia :

HUD Fix for TWEAKER 2.0
For the ones that have the problem with the HUD or the PLAYER HEAVYness. Here is the FIX!

FIFA 12 Scoreboards Pack v1.0 by FIFA-Muntenia

FIFA 12 Scoreboards Pack

The mod content is:

* Uefa Champions League Scoreboard(TVR HD)
* Uefa Champions League Scoreboard(DolceSport)
* Timisoreana Romanian Cup Scoreboard(Sport.ro)
* Romanian Liga 2 Scoreboard (DolceSport)
* International Scoreboard(Sport.Ro)
* Barclays Premier League Scoreboard(DigiSport)
* Fantasy Scoreboard (Sport.ro HD)


[1]. Unrar the archieve.
[2]. Choose the version of the settings you want to use
( All-in-one or Separately method)
[3]. Copy the All-In-One content into the “FIFA 12 Demo”
main root.(“C:\Program Files\Ea Sports\EA Sports FIFA 12 demo”)

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