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FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution Fifa Tool plus 2.0

FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution Fifa Tool plus 2.0:

Author: Doctor+ Productions

FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution Fifa Tool plus 2.0

This tool allow to manage GAMEPLAY EVOLUTION MOD or restore Original GP on FIFA 12 with one click.
On addon you can manage PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZER MODS (1.0, 2.0 (fixed) or Original settings).

Included with tool:
This GP/AI mod tries to create a simulation of online game match against an human player.

GP EVO 2.0 don’t overwrite players attributes stored on the db
GP EVO 2.0 is perfectly compatible with old career started

General Features:
Increased game/match realism/playing time
General game/gameplay speed decreased
Increased skillmoves/special moves for technical players
Increased team/player movements on field
Enabled the GRAPH SHAPE feature (general/low/high) in all game modality
Increased shoots (long range) (CPU/AI)
Increased tackles (CPU/AI)
Redesigned/tweaked general players/Gks attributes
Fixed celebrations problem
For full gameplay experience play the game on Manager Mode/Tounament mode (all tweaks enabled)
..+ other stuff that you discover when play!
+ any minor fix for GP EVO Tool.

+ All previous features (GP EVO 1.0):
Increased game realism/playing time.
Big difference between strong/poor teams.
Big difference between strong/poor players.
Big difference between home/away.
New advanced AI mentality-tactics-reactions
Realistic match statistics.
Increased players technical movements.
Increased players/teams movements on field.
New controller settings.
Assistance system totally disabled.
New gameplay situations/animations.
Crowd sounds tune enhancing.
Balanced/Realistic CPU skill level (all difficulty levels).
..+ other stuff that you discover when play!

GP EVO is designed with defaul slider gameplay customization (adjust as desired settings from menù)
For full gameplay experience play on Manager Mode/Tounament mode
Play the game with manual or semi assisted mode (passing, shot, cross, etc.)
Play the game with double analogic gamepad (Xbox360 or PS3 gamepad)
Play game on high difficulty skill level (wc or legendary)!
Play on Manager mode/Tounaments (Min 10 min)
Play game on slow speed (or adjust to options favorite speed)

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