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FIFA 10 vs PES 2010 Face Comparison Xavi

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FIFA 10 looks like cartoon, PES looks a little close to reality. What do you think ?

FIFA 10 is planned to release on October 20. Blanco, Kljestan, Lampard named to cover.
PES 2010 is planned to release in 16 Oct 2009 UK / Continental Europe and 03 Nov 2009 in United States. Or November 6th, very close to last years release date of November 11th. Other sources say it will release on October 23rd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP and PC. Although some retailers have it listed as October 2nd, which would put it day and date with PES’ biggest rival, EA Sports FIFA 10. But FIFA delayed 3 weeks now. Not 2 but October 20 for FIFA. A Wii version for PES is also coming.

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PES 2010 vs FIFA 10

PES 2010

Every year Konami’s PES goes head-to-head with EA’s FIFA to be the number 1 football game in the world. This year though the competition between them is more intense than ever with them both releasing details about this year’s titles months earlier than in pervious years.

PES is heavily focusing on the graphics engine this year which is heavily improved over PES 2009, click here to see a comparison gallery and Konami is also implementing a new player cards system;

In short, a Card represents a move for a player. Different from traditional skills, these cards can be assigned to any players as you wish. You are almost a coach here. However it doesn’t mean the player ability suddenly increases when Cards assigned.

As mentioned before Konami IDs are no more which should make online play playable and the Master League mode has also undergone a heavy update.


The major changes in FIFA 10 is that players can now move in 360˚ which has never been possible in previous football titles and may well revolutionize the genre. FIFA 10 also features a custom set piece mode where you can create plays and control where your players are positioned for free kicks, see below:

The changes being made to both titles is certainly making my choice of which to buy this year harder than ever. Source: http://www.ps3blog.net