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FIFA 11 Scoreboard Pack v.2

FIFA 11 Scoreboard Pack v.2:

Author: Mihai2OCM

FIFA Infinity’s newest modder,Mihai2OCM,prepared this great scoreboard pack containing 7 different scoreboards from the Romanian TV ! The scoreboard pack contains the next scoreboards :

– Uefa Champions League Scoreboard(TVR HD)
– Uefa Champions League Scoreboard(DolceSport)
– Timisoreana Romanian Cup Scoreboard(Sport.ro)
– Romanian Liga 2 Scoreboard (DolceSport)
– International Scoreboard(Sport.Ro)
– Barclays Premier League Scoreboard(DigiSport)
– Fantasy Scoreboard (Sport.ro HD)

See you soon here with more stuffs!

FIFA 11 Scoreboard Pack v.2