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FIFA 16 Career Mod Vibranium by Smokeswift

FIFA 16 Career Mod Vibranium (Moddingway Mod Add-on)

This mod was specifically made for moddingway patch, 7.60 with 7.0 db latest version, otherwise not recommemded.

You need
1. moddingway patch latest version 7.0 db applied
2. any renegerator but i suggest FHL-BH editor
3. optional db master to install previousteam table

FIFA 16 Demanded Facepack by Smokeswift

FIFA 16 Demanded Face Pack by Smokeswift

I do claim credit for making these faces. I have a large fifa 16 faces collection of over 1800 faces with almost half converted from fifa 15.

FIFA 16 Smokeswift Mega Face Pack 2 (with 40 Faces)

FIFA 16 Smokeswift Mega FacePack 2 (40 Faces) With Young and Lower League Players

SMOKESWIFT presents the biggest facepack for FIFA 16 so far. I could not make a screenshot for all 40 faces so included my four favourites, however all the faces are awesome.