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TPS Patch FIFA 11

TPS Patch FIFA 11:

Author: TuttoPES Site

-Updated Premier League until 09/08/11
-Compatible with Official Patch 1.1
-Current promotion and relegation for most of the championships
-Added the Pro League Division 1 and 2 and the Pro League Cup Italy
-Put 14 teams in Serie D and 8 teams of Excellence and the corresponding Cup Italy
-Enter the missing teams for UEFA Champions League
-Created on World Cup teams and missing
-Created the national model of the World. Tournaments
-Enter alloys Malaysia, Serbia, and 3. Liga
-Created the Olympic Stadium in Turin and the Giuseppe Meazza and created the San Siro
-Improved in the mod. Coaching the Champions League and the Champions League
-Scoreboard Selector
-Referee Kits-Selector
-Updated the names of leagues, players and teams
-Removed fake
-Graph-Restyling menus
-Minikit-Kit and updated for many teams
-New HD-teams logos
-New Boots-pack
-New Balls Pack
-Turf updated
-Many new faces
-Real Trophies
-New Banners
-New Adboards
-New Sponsors
Automatic installation of the patch
… And much more …

Credits and Thanks

Juanito96 and Iaquinta96 ™, organizers and creators of the patch;
Special thanks to schumy12, thebaddie, STREETPRIDE for work performed in the creation of patches of Pro League
We also thank <<| Zer0_Return |>> ™ for working with the switch and giving his confidence to be a future contributor to the patch.
Flavioggl, Cactus, Braga ™, ruggyførzainter ™, Joel., ~! Patogol,, Gigino’s, picamarinajr, cjd17, ANBSeth, nimnim, Alex_10, PV Luces, Mr. Pi Gi, Haribofan, mightymouse, TeneCee, HSVBalti, Geißbock23, Rinaldo, Gas Panic, Nono2cool, RafaelBG85, Relo4ded11, EL_KEEPER, victorelessar, Cris-9, Wolverine, TGS, Marquita, darxxx, Quake, HSVBalti, Cesc_4, Drachenkogge, Suedhesse, Masslo Campina, Tibo, schnix, Simo4u, Uzair, alert, Streetparade Raul Gonzales, Adrioliv
If there was someone mentioned please let us know and we apologize.

TPS Patch FIFA 11