TPS Patch FIFA 11:

Author: TuttoPES Site

-Updated Premier League until 09/08/11
-Compatible with Official Patch 1.1
-Current promotion and relegation for most of the championships
-Added the Pro League Division 1 and 2 and the Pro League Cup Italy
-Put 14 teams in Serie D and 8 teams of Excellence and the corresponding Cup Italy
-Enter the missing teams for UEFA Champions League
-Created on World Cup teams and missing
-Created the national model of the World. Tournaments
-Enter alloys Malaysia, Serbia, and 3. Liga
-Created the Olympic Stadium in Turin and the Giuseppe Meazza and created the San Siro
-Improved in the mod. Coaching the Champions League and the Champions League
-Scoreboard Selector
-Referee Kits-Selector
-Updated the names of leagues, players and teams
-Removed fake
-Graph-Restyling menus
-Minikit-Kit and updated for many teams
-New HD-teams logos
-New Boots-pack
-New Balls Pack
-Turf updated
-Many new faces
-Real Trophies
-New Banners
-New Adboards
-New Sponsors
Automatic installation of the patch
… And much more …

Credits and Thanks

Juanito96 and Iaquinta96 ™, organizers and creators of the patch;
Special thanks to schumy12, thebaddie, STREETPRIDE for work performed in the creation of patches of Pro League
We also thank <<| Zer0_Return |>> ™ for working with the switch and giving his confidence to be a future contributor to the patch.
Flavioggl, Cactus, Braga ™, ruggyførzainter ™, Joel., ~! Patogol,, Gigino’s, picamarinajr, cjd17, ANBSeth, nimnim, Alex_10, PV Luces, Mr. Pi Gi, Haribofan, mightymouse, TeneCee, HSVBalti, Geißbock23, Rinaldo, Gas Panic, Nono2cool, RafaelBG85, Relo4ded11, EL_KEEPER, victorelessar, Cris-9, Wolverine, TGS, Marquita, darxxx, Quake, HSVBalti, Cesc_4, Drachenkogge, Suedhesse, Masslo Campina, Tibo, schnix, Simo4u, Uzair, alert, Streetparade Raul Gonzales, Adrioliv
If there was someone mentioned please let us know and we apologize.

TPS Patch FIFA 11





  1. Nothing special, I would say useless patch if you have Hybrid and FifaMania patch. I just fucked up my fifa game after uninstalling the patch and now I need to reinstall the full game.

  2. I have installed fifa. I continued to follow with a patch fifa 1:01 After that I install TPS Patch a folder with the directory fifa 11 .. the results are still not there .. does not work at all .. no change even a single .. what happened? please help me ..


    Download the patch

    Open the file “TPS v2.0.part1 FIFA11 Patch” and remove ALL what’s inside

    Run the file “FIFA11_PATCH101” and install

    Open the file “TPS FIFA11 Patch v2.0” go ahead and when it asks you to choose where to install choose the folder C: \ Program Files \ EA Sports \ FIFA 11

    See if you put in space (it does automatically), even “\ Game” at the end of the folder that you chose

    Now normally installed

    Download updates and install them in the other order out again following the usual procedure

    Extract the file “Fifa11 i68Regenerator 1.5.exe” from. Rar “FifaMania_Regenerator” inside the folder C: \ Program Files \ EA Sports \ FIFA 11 \ Game

    Run the file you just extracted

    Click the “GO!”

    Go to C: \ Program Files \ EA Sports \ FIFA 11 \ TPS Command and start the game where you can choose scoreboard, referee kits and replays

    Wait for it to finish (it takes a lot and sometimes could not answer so do not worry) and press the button “EXIT”

  4. I’ve done that way .. but still it did not work and there was no change at all .. I’m using windows 7. What is different with windows xp?

  5. I installed the patch and when i go on the argentina league or the stadium there will be a lot of letters that doesnt make any sense.. Pls tell me what i have done wrong cause its really boring with that. Thanks in advance 🙂 Gr8 patch.

  6. hi i tried instruction but when i try to play with fifa config .exe fifa1.01 exe runs and patch didn’t run. try bat file separately also not working pls help..

  7. Sorry with my English! but I have a problem!! I want the game in Spanish. What can i do? becasue when I installing the patch everything became in english and I want in spanish somebody can help me please!!

  8. This patch would have been the best ever for me if it had more player faces. Anyway, its ok. Thanks but your latest update should contain faces of top players like Suarez, Thomas Muller, K.P. Boateng and many others.

  9. Can i install more than one (1) patch onto the game, very sorry i’m new to patching fifa, also where do i get the crack after installing the patch?


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